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Kaabo Clay Collective

Kaabo Clay Collective is a social and mutual aid network for Black ceramicists. We are currently fundraising to support the work of ceramicist Sana Musasama.

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Glazes for Red Clay

Glazing is one of the final steps in creating a functional ceramic object. The glassy coating lies on top of the clay giving it both durability and decoration. I make all of my own glazes from scratch using recipes I have found or have been given. It can be hard to find nice, bright glazes that work well with red clay and other darker clay bodies, so recently, I started sharing cone 6 glaze recipes I've used with various red stoneware clay bodies on my Glazy.org profile.


The Sea Is Alive in Me

Photos from my first solo show at Art Center Sarasota in March 2022 by Evelyn England.

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